∞ 19th Oct, 2011
Artist: The Horrible Crowes
Track: Ladykiller
Album: Elsie

Have you ever listened to The Gaslight Anthem? If you do, you are awesome. If you don’t, you should probably start. For two reasons: 1 - they are awesome; 2 - The band I just posted is a side project of Gaslight Anthem’s Frontman Brian Fallon and so, yeah.

The Horrible Crowes is a straight sounding rock group that couldn’t be more to the roots of the sounds that Bruce Springstein made famous. This song, Ladykiller, has great sounds, good fuzzy guitars and warm overtones that make me all happy inside. Check it out!

For Fans of: Bruce Springstein, The Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio, (old) Wolfmother